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Pursullence has built Machine and Deep learning based Artificial Intelligence through Voicebot to deliver Actionable Intelligence across industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Construction/Infra, Political, and IT.



Pursullence has proven track record and expertise to offer consulting services to our customers across industries.



Pursullence also offers services in various sectors based on the client needs such as Business Health Diagnosis, Gap Analysis, Performance Monitoring, etc. just to name a few.

AI Platform as a Service

MAS-Trans (Patent-Pending)



Fundamental difference between contemporary business excellence technologies and MAS Trans™ is, other technologies premised upon belief that improvement occurs only by chasing statistically significant Xs however MAS Trans™ believed that improvement occurs with robust control and real time monitoring system and simultaneously MAS Trans™ ascertain statistically significant Xs for each interval and select key Xs and convert them in to “NANO Xs” in transformational analytics phase. Following are 4 phases of MAS Trans™





vRuddhi, as PaaS (Under Development)


vRuddhi, our AI based Platform as a Service basically let users configure, customize, and build their own product specific to their industry and company needs. 


AI Software Solutions (SaaS)

Additional Information

Briefly, Pursullence has 6+ AI driven & IoT enabled voice-bots systems in the pipeline that track day to day "not-directly-visible" ground level business performances & convert them into real time actionable insights for decision makers across multiple industries.  

Pursullence has cracked the challenge of converting the raw data into actionable intelligence with the help of AI, Machine Learning, iOT, VoiceBot, Statistical Algorithms, Analytics, etc. which helps companies to achieve process excellence, monitor ground level operations, and make informed decisions. This all eventually leads better profit margins at the end of day. 

We have created multiple AI based software products to cater the needs of multiple industries, namely Manufacturing, Retail, Construction/Infra, Political, and Govt. Administration.

Each of these products is unique in nature to address the individual industry needs and highly flexible, customizable to each client's needs, easy to use, and very economical to afford. 

Business transformation analytics (BTA) component of our system is predictive industrial analytics cloud hosted system that includes artificial intelligence based actionable insight platform (AIP). Our invention generally relates to business performance monitoring and controlling through transformation analytics. BTA incorporates machine learning algorithms with provision for enabling internet of things (iOT). It serves various private to government owned organizations with company size from nano, micro, small, mid, and large cap across manufacturing, services, and government owned sectors globally and domestically. We believe in constantly pursuing business predictability...

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We strongly urge our prospects/customers to explore what we have in the offerings and then make a decision. Our products are absolutely risk free to use and will only add benefits to your business in the most efficient, secured, and economical ways.

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Introducing PGBS vRuddhi Voicebot, that provides actionable intelligence in the form of business insights and predictions through voice assistance. 

For more such videos, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCktI3gZNuOCWguVzNRDUZcg

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