Construction & Infrastructure

Industry Problem/Opportunity

1. For  many decades, Global construction industry is  growing with annual growth rate of roughly 1.4%, almost half of the growth rate of manufacturing industry and almost 30-40% lower to global GDP growth.

2. Practical steps could boost productivity in the infrastructure sector—a long-time laggard—by as much as 50-60 %, thereby lowering spending by 40 percent. In fact data suggests, globally, only 40% of construction budget spent on value added activities, rest 60% is wasted on the tasks which can be easily eliminated, LEAN Waste. 

3. According to globally proven data, streamlining delivery is an area that presents an opportunity to save up to $400 billion annually and accelerate timelines for construction industry. 

4. To streamline delivery, eliminating waste like construction spec variations, waiting and re-medial tasks in the every stage of project encourage time and cost savings. It is proven that encouraging lean manufacturing to construction, i.e. LEAN construction lead to costs savings.

Our Solution

We are pioneer in deploying cloud based LEAN construction software supported by robust statistical premise and construction industry specialist voice-bot, vRuddhi™