Manufacturing Industry

Industry Problem/Opportunity

1. According to global studies, “Cost of In-efficiency” is as high as 30-35% of total revenue by the year 2019. If world GDP’s share of global manufacturing industry is around 15-17%, global manufacturing in-efficiency is as high as USD 4-5 trillion. 

2. Current best practices of industrial robotics and automation can significantly reduce floor level in-efficiency rate, but it does have its own challenges like un-affordable prices, maintenance cost and risk of breakdown. 

3. And then there are “High Priced, No Long Term Accountability” LEAN, Six Sigma consultants. Critical Challenges to succeed with these Lean/SS practices are - Need of Top Management’s Time & Commitment, Need Understanding of Complex Tool sets, Self-Project Execution and Rigorous Phase-Wise Documentations.

Our Solution

Introducing Next Generation Continual Improvement/Operational Efficiency Enhancing Technology - “v-Ruddhi™, An Intelligence Communication Platform for the Manufacturing Industry. 

It helps to easily Monitor & Control 100+ Critical Operational Micro Levers, that Directly Improve Profit Margins, Real Time With AI Enabled Voice Bots for Business.