v-Ruddhi: Politico with EDM

v-Ruddhi: Politico


An Advanced algorithm/machine learning based Politico,   

vRuddhi™, a political conversational device, true and loyal cadre, first ever in India, that provides booth level visibility, page level monitoring, and winning predictions on demand…! 

v-Ruddhi: Election Day Logistics Management (EDM)


  A stand-alone module on the Election Day Planning and Logistics Management that helps manage election day logistics which ensures every vote of your supporter is added in EVMs on the voting day. 

v-Ruddhi: Election Day Management (EDM)

EDM is a stand-alone module of the v-Ruddhi: Politico software

v-Ruddhi: EDM Dashboard

 v-Ruddhi: EDM Voter Logistics Management Dashboard with Vehicle Tracking Feature 

Download v-Ruddhi-Politico with EDM_Brochure

v-Ruddhi-Politico with EDM_Brochure (pdf)