Politics, as an Industry

Industry Problem/Opportunity

1.     The scope of any legislative elections in India comprises 300+ booths, 9000+ pannas/pages, 150+ villages, 3 lakhs+ voters. This geographic challenges further aggravated by fast changing voter life style and expectations, increasing young voters’ proportion, urbanization. 

2. Effective visualization and monitoring a huge constituency region “upto” page/panna level is a humongous challenge and thus keeping “hold” on constituency become impossible. 

3. Successful political campaigning cannot be achieved without better booth visibility and better panna monitoring…!!

4. On any assembly election day, every winning candidate need to seek more than 1 Lac votes. And that too in between 7 am to 6 pm in just 10-11 hours. It means, every winner needs to seek on an average 10,000 votes per hour or 150-175 votes per minute.. !! 

5. Because, election is only race where # 1 is Hero and # 2 is Zero. Losing single vote due to Election Day mismanagement can cost whole political career…

6. What if management of this difficult task becomes faster and accurate with the help of advanced software and mobile app...?

Our Solution

We understand the deep consequences of this and thus presenting an Advanced algorithm/machine learning based Politico system with a stand-alone module on the Election Day Planning and Logistics Management.  

vRuddhi™, a political conversational device, true and loyal cadre,, first ever in India, that provides booth level visibility, page level monitoring, and winning predictions on demand…! 

vRuddhi™- EDM helps manage election day logistics which ensures every vote of your supporter is added in EVMs on the voting day.