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vRuddhi-Manufacturing product offers the following capabilities:

· Conduct diagnosis study on overall business health.

· It provides performance entitlement and streamlining analytics which lets user understand where are we currently standing and where we want to go, target will help understand anything beyond the same is defect and also help decide goal for individual projects. 

· The high level monitoring system provides a clear vision of business performance which identifies the trends of performance output and enables better controls on the company operations. 

· This enables the user to identify the gaps in performance. 

· The monitoring system provides scorecards and dashboard which generates timely alerts also across client configurable hierarchy. 

· The powerful BI reporting lets user have a strong visualization capabilities at granular levels with the help of Pursue-Lens module.

· Ability for top management to see ground level performance with the help of fingertip 24/7 through the flagship module – Review-in-Elevator



vRuddhi-Retail product offers the following capabilities:

· Plays a prime role in monitoring business performances in 360 degree. 

· This system gives a comprehensive analysis of product performance on the basis of the sales performance and inventory performance. 

· It also provides the snapshot of incentive analytics, supervisor and salesforce efficiency. This scorecard assists the supervisor to precisely find the gap in performance of team. 

· It offers a power packed performance improvement system which comprises of Dashboard, Pursue-Lens and the flagship module for higher level management i.e. Review-in-Elevator

· This system enables a complete suite of monitoring tools for ground level performance. 

· Since inventory and suppliers are crucial components of the retail industry; our software is equipped with inventory replenishment system which keeps a track of inventory, intends to indicate the delay in product, restocking, and generates timely alerts as a precautionary measure.



vRuddhi-Construction/Infra product offers the following capabilities:

· This software provides an ability to carry out the overall business health diagnosis.

· It offers powerful business intelligence (BI) reports on monthly and quarterly basis. 

· It also helps monitor material utilization for each location, site, building and floor for the client project. 

· It also focuses on project delivery by tracking the project completion status. 

· The system is capable of monitoring the granular performance of each supervisor, site engineer and project manager on the basis of their work and deliverables. 

· In PBMS feature of the product, the system maps process related pain areas with individual performance across organizational hierarchy. 

· This application helps to synchronize people performances across organization value chain. It facilitate continual improvement by scoring them periodically. It maps key performance indicator (KPI) with individual learning curve. 

· Monitoring module of the product compares the interval to interval performances which can be in terms of hours, parts, or intervals depending upon the area of project. 

· It traces the performances of sites and generates alerts to be escalated to sr. /top management about site which fails to achieve target. 

· It provides the reports and graphical demonstration for slab wise comparison, excess material utilization and comparative report for building vs area through the BI module Pursue-Lens.

· It gives transparency to the top management on the ground level progress through the flagship module - Review-in-Elevator.

· The product will help the construction/infra players to monitor overall supplier efficiency and accordingly keep the high performing people on-board.

· The product also has an ability to offer Marketing Analytics, Discount Analytics, Branding Analytics, Project Customization Analytics, etc.



vRuddhi-Politico product offers the following capabilities:

· Based on voters list we provide demographic analysis based on gender, age, religion, caste, key family members, and key individuals right up to the page level. This analysis is done at micro level which gives us a clear picture of voting pattern of individuals in the given area. 

· This software plays a key role in strategizing the action plan for upcoming elections. 

· Election performance analysis focuses on booth level performance analysis for general and legislative elections. The analysis maps the performance from best performing booth to weak performing booth on the basis of high performer to weak performer across the booth. 

· Monitoring module involves tracking of tasks allotted to each booth. It is performance tracking system for completion of allotted task to the respective booths. 

· Our Psephology questionnaire captures the client data which will be analyzed through the system to deliver actionable intelligence.

· One of the most powerful features of the product is Funds Management module to help the client to manage the elections funds efficiently and effectively. 



vRuddhiTM -IT/ITES product offers the following capabilities:

· This product comprises of Lean Management, which focuses on closely monitoring TAT time, Quality, Escalation management, employee skills, productivity and many other key areas. 

· The important area where major cost of the company is trapped is asset, our software provides a zoomed in lens to closely look and monitor those assets. 

· It also helps the companies manage the bench strength effectively. 

· Another ability is conducting C-SAT analysis, which helps to understand the client satisfaction levels and provides insights around where the service delivery stands for that particular client.

· We also provide monitoring system through the PBMS module. It maps the pain areas with individual performances across outlet hierarchy. It facilitate continual improvement by scoring them periodically. It also maps the KPIs with individuals performances and thus links with the person to whom the individual reports.



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